Ion Water

Ion Water uses special and strong magnets to create strong magnetic force inside Ion Water.


  • Wash away rust and scales
  • Prevents rust and scale build up
  • Disinfection (not totally)


  • No running cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Green solution

Ion Water


Temperature controller

Cooling tower


High rise building



With & Without ION WATER

Plastic pipe
Period of time: 1 ½ years

Steel Pipe
Period of time: 4 years

Period of time: 2 years

Inner part of heat exchanger plate
Period of time: 3 month

Valve used at a Hotel

Before Installing Ion Water

With Ion Water after 1 year

Valve used at the boiler system

Before Installing Ion Water

After Installing Ion Water 2 months period

Without Ion Water

With Ion Water, the scale fell off slowly

Without Ion Water after 3 months

With Ion Water after 3 months