LUTRON Grafik 3000 Series

LUTRON Grafik 3000 Series

The Only Lighting Control… You’ll Ever Need To Specify

Ease of programming

Simply adjust zone buttons to set lights to match any activity and save as a preset scene. Recall exact scenes from the same unit or matching accessory wall station.

Ease of Installation

One unit controls Electronic Low Volt; Magnetic Low Voltage; Incandescent / Tungsten; 0-10V, DSI, and DALI Fluorescent loads; neon; and non-dim lighting loads.

Special Features

  • One stylish control replaces multiple switches and dimmers
  • Eliminate the guesswork of setting separate switches and dimmers every time
  • Slowly fade between lighting scenes - eyes have time to comfortably adjust
  • Add accessory wallstations to recall preset scenes from additional locations
  • Add interfaces for integration with AV systems and other equipment

Create A Mood At The Touch Of A Button

Set The Scene
The secret to great lighting is being able to control it. Match your activity or mood to your visual environment. Set the lights as you need them and the setting is automatically saved as one of your custom scenes. Retrieve it later at the touch of a button; no individual switches or dimmers to adjust again and again.

The GRAFIK 3000 Difference

Home Cinema
The movie cannot begin until the lights dim.

Entertain guests, spend time with family, or watch TV.

Conference Room
Instantly transform a room for a general meeting, set up, AV presentation, or video conference.

Create the right lighting for intimate dining, family occasions, cocktail parties.

Executive Office
Create dynamic work spaces, reduce computer screen glare, and add infrared remote dimming.

Create the perfect ambience for lunch meetings, cocktail hour, elegant dinners and clean-up.

GRAFIK 3000 Series Specifications

General Specifications

  • The entire lighting control system shall be CE, U.L., or CSA marked as appropriate. Manufacturer shall maintain ISO 9001 certification. Dimming system shall be covered by a minimum one-year warranty from time of purchase.
  • Manufacturer shall be capable of providing on-site service support as required.
  • Premium Temperature Margins: Panels operate at a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius below the power conducting component temperature ating. Electronic components live twice as long for every 10 degrees Celsius below the rating at which they operate both increasing semiconductor reliability and ensuring the system’s design life span.

Control Unit

  • Programming of preset scenes shall be accomplished without the use of an Enter or Store button.
  • Control Units shall incorporate built-in wide angle Infrared Receiver, providing control via a separate Wireless Remote Control Transmitter from up to 50 feet away.
  • Preset lighting control shall be designed to withstand a short, as detailed in IEC/EN 60699-2-1 for abnormal conditions, between load hot and either neutral or ground without damage.
  • Preset dimming control shall include RTISS™ (Real Time Illumination Stability System) filter circuit technology to compensate for incoming line voltage variations so that there is no visible flicker with a +/- 2% change in RMS voltage/cycle and a +/- 2% Hz change in frequency/second.
  • Preset dimming control shall incorporate an airgap switch relay that shall be accessible without removing the faceplate.
  • Preset dimming control shall meet ANSI/IEEE Std. C62.41©1980, tested to withstand voltage surges of up to 6000V and current surges of up to 200A without damage.
  • Preset dimming control shall provide power failure memory.
  • Faceplate shall attach using no visible means of attachment.


  • Four-Scene Control(s) shall be capable of recalling any one of four scenes and off, plus master raise/lower. Control shall provide access for up to 16 scenes.
  • Wireless Infrared Transmitter(s) shall be capable of recalling any one of four preset scenes and off. In addition, a master raise/lower shall be provided. The transmitter shall be manufactured by the dimming system manufacturer. The range of the transmitter to any single receiver shall be at least 50 feet.
  • System should employ common architecture for products, accessories and user interface.

Expand The Possibilities of Your System

Ceiling-Mounted Photosensor

Ceiling-Mounted Photosensor

Day Light Control / Energy Savings
Select preset scenes automatically in response to ambient daylight to achieve optimal light levels and energy savings. Best suited for areas with large windows or skylights, such as atriums, perimeter office spaces, malls, and classrooms.

Infrared Remote Control

Wireless Control
Add control flexibility in a space from an Infrared Wireless Remote Control. Ideal for lecture halls, conference rooms, and home cinemas.

RS232 Interface

Touchscreen / Centralized Control
Integrate GRAFIK 3000 Series with user-supplied PC or digital AV equipment for seamless one-touch control. Select preset light scenes, dim or brighten lights, monitor system status, and receive button feedback. Ideal for conference rooms, home cinemas and video conferencing rooms.

DMX512 Interface

DMX Integration
Control DMX, fiber optic, and LED fixtures when these fixtures are incorporated in an architectural lighting plan.

seeTouch Wallstation

Back Lit, Engraved Wall Stations
Large buttons and a variety of engraving options - including backlit characters - in Lutron’s seeTouch™ series of controls offers easy-to-use functionality and additional control points in a space. Ideal for darkened rooms such as AV presentation rooms and home cinemas.

PRG Interface

Time Scheduling
Turn lights on and off automatically based on a user-defined schedule. Base events on time-of-day or on sunrise and sunset. Ideal for office spaces, restaurants, retail spaces, and hotels.

AV Interface

Create dynamic lighting effects by continuously cycling preset lighting scenes automatically. Ideal for retail displays, store front windows, landscape lighting, artwork lighting, and museum exhibit lighting.

Partition Control

Adapt lighting controls to coordinate with the status of moveable partition walls. Operate controls in each “room” independently when walls are closed or together when walls are open. Ideal for hotels, convention centers, ballrooms, and meeting rooms.