Lighting & Dimming Solutions

LED has become the most efficient source of illumination in terms of life span, efficiency and reliability. LDS provide the most reliable and energy efficient LED sourced from various well-known LED manufacturers and is incorporated into our lighting solutions.

Customised Lighting, LED Linear Light, Flood Light and LED Combo Light SolutionsCustomised lighting, LED linear light , flood light and LED combo light solutions are the current illumination tech for shopping mall. These solutions enhance the mall’s attractions to improve customers satisfaction and shopping experience in the mall.

Lighting and LED Solutions for HypermarketsLighting and LED solutions for hypermarkets. The Linear LED with the translucent membrane creates an even brightness and soothing effect ambience. This solution keeps the aisles bright and products fresh-looking.

Lighting & Dimming Solutions for Private ResidenceLighting & Dimming Solutions project for a private residence.